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Machine Embroidery Software for Free

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My grandson was visiting and I had a new computer, I had removed the dongle from my old computer and not yet installed it on the new one.  It went missing.  When I called Husquarna Viking about a replacement they told me I would have to spend $1,000 for the latest software.  Naturally I was very upset.  I did a little research on various internet sites and found a recommendation for Sierra Technology Group Stitch Era Universal.  It is available from  It was free.

I am thrilled with this program.  I embroider pillows for my friends when they have babies or a member of their family has one and I can use hundreds of fonts - any that I have in Word.  It has so much more than any other program that I have found I just have to take the time to teach myself.

 I am in Australia so there is not a dealer near me, if you log on to the website you can find your nearest dealer and get the program.

It is worth having a look at.

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Stitch Era Universal (post #35992, reply #1 of 2)

I am glad you are happy with this "free" software.  I have used a few different products including this one.  And am not thrilled with it.  As a free product it does not allow use of all the bells and whistles.   I got mine from Coleman.  Other vendors want you to make a purchase, or charge a lot for shipping.

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EmbroideryWare Program (post #35992, reply #2 of 2)

Hi Everyone,

I am writing a program for machine embroidery. It's totally free. I started the project about three months ago because I wanted to create a program that would do interesting stitching along a path that my commercial software did not do.

It has evolved to something much more than that. The satin stitching is pretty complete. I am still refining fills, they work but do more jumps than I would like.

Please check it out and let me know what you think of my program.