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machine embroidery designs storage ideas

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I need some advice and help with my embroidery designs. Please don't laugh at me!! I have maybe a thousand designs stored on my computer hard drive and back-up discs etc. However they are just stored, that's it; with no rhyme nor reason.  I have to open each one to see what it is, size, thread colors etc. Needless to say this is time consuming and since I can't remember yesterday I don't really know what I have. Is there a software program (preferably free or very inexpensive) that I can download my design into that will display them in a stitched out format, store them in an organized fashion and be easy for me to use? What do you do with your designs? Will you share your ideas and information with me? Am I the only one who has this problem? Was I at the airport when this train of solutions and ideas came into the station? :) Thank you in advance for your help. Hang onto the happiness!

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Like you, I have thousands of designs mostly bought from designers and downloaded.  I save them on CDs which I number and label using permanent markers.  These are filed in a CD storage box.  I print a copy of the design set and keep all these in plastic wallets in ring binders which are organised into design types. Each sheet has the corresponding number of the disc written at the top.

This way , when I need to find a design, all I do if flick through my folders and find the disc number. I don't keep them on my hard drive as I have so many they would take up too much space and I find this quicker than looking through lots of files on the computer.

Hope this is useful.