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Embroidery Macines

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My husband and I are looking at an embroidery business.  We believe we have a good opportunity to get the customers. My question is which machine we will purchase.  Looking at three and would love to have some feed back.

 Baby-lock 10 needle w/LCD

Highlander (HM/D 1501C) 15 needle w/ LCD 

Meistergram.  ( Pro 1500). 15 needle w/LCD 

So any pros or cons on any or all of these would be appreciate. 

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Choosing An Embroidery Machine (post #37385, reply #1 of 1)

As with any major purchase, where is the service as well as training?  Local,or out of the area?

DigitSmith may be a better place to ask questions about pro embroidery machines.