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Embroidery for jumer

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Okay I am trying to embroidery holiday designs for a jumper.  I wanted to be able to do them and then cut them out and put them on Velcro so I could change the jumper from fall to winter. I tried pumpkins last night but they didn't turn out very good.  Does anybody of any suggesstions.  I used the stablizer and just did them on it.  But ;when I went to remove it I didn't like the looks of the embroidery.  I know there is a way. So HELP out there anybody.


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Where did you get the embroidery design? Maybe you could use stabilizer, orange material and then some clear water soluble stabilizer on top of fabric.

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I downloaded the design.  I was just trying to figure something out. A friend of mine said maybe I was not using heavy enough stabilizer so will try some more. But the orange fabric is a good idea.  I will try that.  I have a santa I want to do for Xmas, and then a Snow man for winter, and some other stuff.  Thanks for your advise.  Maybe I will figure it out tonight.


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You can always double the stabilizer. I love your idea. How will you attach the velcro? My mother made a black jumper for me when I was little and made orange pumpkin pockets, just basted on. I wore an orange blouse and a witch's hat for Halloween. I did the same when my daughter was little. I need to get her to do the same for her little girl. I hope you post picture when you are through. I would love to see it.

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your design may have been to dense for the chosen stabilizer.  Sometimes steaming or pressing with a presscloth, fabric starch, etc. helps them lay nicer.  It takes practice over time to learn which designs work best on different fabrics.  For dense designs, you generally need firmer backing as you are putting alot more holes in the fabric.  You might try using stabilized felt as an applique backing too, as the felt could be cut close to the stitching.  Are you using the right sized embroidery needle?  Mary

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Okay I did two more designs last night I used heavier stablilizer on one and it worked better and then I used the same stabilizer and freezer paper on one it worked much better.  I was well pleased with the way it looked.  Now my problem is to figure out how to get it to stay on.  I might just baste them on.  I am not sure I will like the looks of Velcro.  So thinking I might baste it on. So that the sides of it don't look like they are loose. 


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Here is a method for doing it all "in-the-hoop" -

I really like this method and have use it.  If your embroidery machine has built in designs for frames (circle, heart, square, rectangle) that are large enough to encase your design, you can begin by doing the embroidery, then select the frame and size it to fit (make note of the size).  Select the running stitch.  Trim, then choose the satin stitch, size to the first stitching and satin stitch to finish.

The site project uses pins,Velcro or snaps.

If your embroidery machine does not have the built in frames, this could be done with the sewing machine.  You would have to draw your own outline.

 As a test run, dig out an embroidery that did not satisfy you to see if this will work for your project.

If you want the embroidery to look more "stand alone", Mary has a good idea in using felt.

Have fun!



I strive to learn something new each day.


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Okay I went to that site but it was confusing. I will have to study it more.   I do have embroidery soft ware. I have Amazing Box Max.  I think that is what you are talking about. i wish I had somewhere I could go to class on this.  It is most interesting.

Thanks for the info.

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No.  Amazing Box is an apparatus for sending designs from your PC to the EM.

Some EM have built-in designs and frames, some do not.  Check your manual if you do not know for sure.



I strive to learn something new each day.

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I actually got it figured out.  I have three ready to baste on the jumper and going to maybe do another one tonight when I get home from work.  I want to do a snowman, and a santa clause.  I did Wheat, and pumpkings for fall, then will have to figure out something for spring.


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Good for you, the sky's the limit, or so they say!



I strive to learn something new each day.

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Actuallyh today on my email there was something from Amazing designs that was showing how to do this very thing.   I am going to have to try it that way. But actually my last one turned out very good.  I did a snowman and snowwoman that i downloaded from Embroidery This I think it was.   Turned out very good.  I did baste my wheat and pumpkins on last night. Now I will have to wear the jumper before it gets to much cooler here in Iowa.  I have stuff ready to do for winter and all.   I am excited about this.  I have a couple shirts I need to embroidery stuff on.  Some for my grandchildren.  I haven't decided what I want to do on their shirts.  I got red tshirts to do something with .