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Designers Gallery Studio Plus

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Does anyone have this Studio Plus software and do you know if it is compatable with Brother Innovis 4000 or can only be used with Babylock machines?  I would love to have some kind of program that would organize my designs for me and give me a picture of each one.  I saw this at the Babylock dealer and looks really great..  Do you have any idea how much - I forgot to ask her.  Th Ellegante now comes with a 19" LCD flat screean TV which I really don't want and she said she'd give me Studio Plus in place of the TV.  Is this a good deal??

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Not sure how much the software cost but it came as one of the free things with my Ellegante II purchase.  I loaded it this weekend and I like is what you want for organizing, editing, and storing designs.

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Hi, I have the Designers Gallery Studio Plus and I love it. It should work with any machine. It lists every possible format when you choose the formats you want to use. I think I paid under $300.00 for it but I am not positive. I just knew I needed something to organize my embroidery designs. It can be confusing when you start and the documentation is not great, but after having it for about a year now, it is really helpful for tracking designs and doing all sorts of things that have proven to be helpful when doing embroidery. I would like to get the whole set of Designer's Gallery software, I will put it on my Christmas list.

If you purchase it and want some tips, send me an email,


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