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best stabilizer for knit fabrics

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What's the best way to stabilize knit fabrics ---  some say use an iron on tricot to keep the fabric from stretching - then use a cut away - others say don't hoop the fabric--just hoop the stabilizer - - - use that adhesive spray on your stablilizer and then just finger press the fabric to the stabilizer - I have never not used a hoop and in my mind'sd eye - it just seems the fabric would move too much and not stay where it is supposed to stay - comments, please???

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So far I've had the best luck on t-shirts to either use fusible no-show mesh (cutaway) or regular no-show mesh and an adhesive.  Both work.  I guess I like the fusible best cuz it tends to hold things in place.........and then hoop the fabric and stabilizer together.  I had one design (eages and flag) that had lots of stitches.....a 'heavy' design with lots of overlay of thread for shading and I used one layer fused to the shirt and another that I 'floated'.  Then trim away the excess after you complete your design.

I have gotten some good informative stuff from the Floriani website.  They sell all kinds of stabilizers (good quality) and they have a list of each and what too use them on.  Very informative and you could substitute other brands if you want.  I think it's RNK Distributing.  If you do a search for that, you should find the website.  Emb. Library also had some good stabilizer info on their Projects link, and they don't sell stabilizers so they talk about all different types.  You can print any of these and keep them for reference.

Hope this helps you!