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Yarn question

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Hello you all!! Thank You to those who have helped me in the past. I have a yarn question. I want to make a whimsical hat for my toddler but not sure what type of yarn to use. Do you know of a really soft yarn to use? baby soft yarn don't have the colors I need. Acrylic yarn is to scratchy. I was thinking of using wool but not sure if I will be able to sell the hat later when it don't fit no more and might be to pricey. So got any suggestions? Colors I need are rose,white,strawberry red, leaf green, black etc..... Solid colors only.


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Hello Karey

Plymouth Encore worsted is the yarn I use for virtually all of my hats - and I make a great many. It's soft, machine washable, huge range of colors, inexpensive, great yardage. It knits up beautifully; I think you'll like it.

Good luck!


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I really like the new microfiber yarn--it's like a very soft, thick string-- I think it's by Lion, but it could be another company available at Joanns. It doesn't have a lot of stretchability, but it comes in very bright colors.

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Are you thinking of Microspun? Colors are great but, as you say, the yarn has little elasticity; the right pattern could take care of that though.


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Yes, that is the yarn I'm thinking of; I used it for fringe on the ends of a double-faced fabric throw, and the weight and drape of it is lovely.  It feels very much like silk or rayon but has the easy care of a synthetic. It also has worn well through heavy use for at least 5 or 6 years--the unfinished ends have ravelled a bit, but that looks good in a fringe.  

It would probably work well for any pattern that calls for crochet cotton, as it doesn't stretch.  I haven't tried it in a pattern or motif yet, so definitely would make a sample in the stitch before commiting to a whole item in it.

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A friend gave me several balls of it, in different colors, because she'd decided it wasn't suitable for the sweater she wanted to knit; I've not knitted anything with it yet. The strands separate very easily (like embroidery floss) and it seems to me that might be useful. It's good to know it wears well - I'll see what I might make with it.