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White Baby Wool Garments / How to remove stains

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For sentimental reasons I have hung on to a select number of knitted baby items (white) in 100% wool. Although I had washed and stored them in plastic bags, the trunk in which they were kept had been in a somewhat damp place.  After over 30 years all of them have developed yellow/brownish stains. Does anyone have recommendations how to remove these safely?

Appreciate any feedback 

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Ask at your local dry (post #34667, reply #1 of 4)

Ask at your local dry cleaners.  The stains might be permanet at this point.  For future reference, never store fabrics in plastic for that very reason.  Always store in acid free paper or 100% cotton (washed up to 10 times to get out all chemicals and soaps) away from all moisture.  In a cedar chest (wrapped to avoid touching the cedar wood which can also stain fabrics), in a closet or under a bed n an acid free cardboad box made to store fabrics.  Not in the attic or basement and always away from chance of water damage from leaking pipes, windows, or ceilings/roofs, or bathroom moisture.


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Thank you, had to learn the (post #34667, reply #2 of 4)

Thank you, had to learn the hard way and will certainly follow your advice. However I was also looking for information on whether wool can be treated like linen, i.e. soaking in cold water and Biz, hydrogen peroxide, Fels Naptha soap etc. Don't like dry cleaning because of smell, but will try it on one outfit and take it from there.

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stain removal (post #34667, reply #3 of 4)

I live in the UK and we have a product called Vanish which works by generating hydrogen peroxide in water and push the stains out. No doubt you will have similar detergents and can quite happily use it to remove mould. Don't use bleach as it will cause the wool to yellow. Good luck

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Stain Removal (post #34667, reply #4 of 4)

Thank you - will certainly try that.