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Tunisian crochet

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I just discovered Tunisian crochet, but have not seen information about Tunisian crochet using circular needles. Is it possible to do this "in the round",and does anyone know of instructions or a link to instructions?

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I have never heard of Tunision crochet in the round. You would need a different needle than that used for flat Tunision crochet. There is a knitting stitch called T. stitch which mimics the "real" T. crochet and that could be done in the round, perhaps.

Edit: I found this interesting website for you

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Thank you, Starzoe, for your answer. I found it informative and I will pursue my interest in Tunisian crocheting.

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Tunisian (aka Afghan) crochet is never turned, so it would seem to work in the round, but it has alternating "forward" and "return" rows, so you need to stop and start at the edges of each row.

In regular crochet, when you work in the round, you either spiral or take a step up at the beginning of each round, but you always work forward.  To work the "return" rows in the round, you'd need a flexible extension on the end of the hook to allow the already-worked part of the row to curl around to meet the front of the hook.

As a very bored teen, I once tried Tunisian crochet in the round using a modified hook and found myself so frustrated that I tossed it aside to help my mother clean house!  If you figure out a way to do it, please post your solution.

Tunisian crochet produces a very stiff, firm fabric that feels like felted wool. It doesn't stretch at all, so it's usually made in panels which are then stitched together into boxy jackets or coats.

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Thank you for your information, Teaf5. I think circular crochet hooks with a cable between 2 hooks are available. So, I may consider buying one so that I can make a rolled brim hat using Tunisian crochet. I like the fact that it would create a hat with a denser crocheted texture.