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Take in width of knit top?

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I'm looking for some advice!  I just finished a sleeveless top & it came out too wide.  The length is fine and the neckline/sleeves are fine.  I think it's the nature of the yarn (Rowan tweed) that it doesn't have elasticity& stretches too much.  I am presently blocking it, but suspect that I will have to block it every time I wear it.  My thought is to take it in with darts or a seam.  It is knit in one piece, fastened with a crochet tie at the front, so no seam now exists.  I have a serger & could serge the edges & take it in.  Has anyone done anything like this?  I'd welcome any advice or ideas.  Thanks!  Karin

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I take in all kinds of knits with my serger.  It really comes in handy as I have a large bust and often sleeveless tops are too big above the bust line.  I don't knit but I have done this with a wide variety of knits and it works well.  I usuallly take a needle and run the thread back through the overlock and that is it.


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I'm going to try basting in some shape at the side seams before I take the plunge & serge :)

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That is exactly what I do.  I pin and try on to see how much I need to take in.


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Do you still have your tension swatch? If so, you might do a test run with your serger on it and see how it looks. You could also use it to adjust your serger tension. Just an idea.

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What a great idea!  Yes I do, and I have some extra yarn I could play with.  I'm still working on the heat blocking -- had good results with blocking using my dryer shelf, but I think it will stretch out as soon as I wear it.  Thanks! 

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Have you had any success with your garment?  It must take a lot of courage to take it in like that but if it works, what a useful thing to know about.      rjf



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I didn't have the nerve!  But... after blocking to shape, I deduced that it's only the crosswise stretch of the knitted garment - the yarn has no elasticity at all!  I am in the process of hand weaving sewing elastic into the ribbing at 1/2 " intervals to give it some "memory".  I slipstitch- crocheted around the knit part of the armcye to eliminate that stretch.  The elastic seems to be working nicely.  Not quite the fitted garment I imagined, but looks quite nice on.  Someday I will try to take the serger to another sweater I knit when I first learned & thought I could knit without a gauge check!  Karin

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What about experimenting with a thrift store sweater of similar yarn weight?  Nothing lost and a great learning experience.  Good luck!

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That's one of those great ideas that I think why didn't I think of that?! :-)  I am going to try that.  Thanks!