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Stitch markers, row counters, online ...

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I am teaching myself to knit. What do you use to count your rows and to
mark your stitches?
Can you recommend an online knitting supply store that is inexpensive?
Thank you and peace.

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To Paisley- you deserve a lot of credit, teaching yourself to knit! I learned from a friend, when I found out our children would learn in first grade- at the Waldorf school. 12 years later, iam the handwork teacher at the school and knit all the time. Some books I can recomend are: Knitting Without Tears, by Elizabeth Zimmerman (see www.schoolhousepress) and the Vogue knitting Book. Also good are Knitting in Plain English and all of Barbara Walker's stich dictionaries. Good luck!

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Dear Paisley- still knitting? Great! On-line stores can be found in the ads in both Vogue Knitting (the magazine) and Knitters. Try, they seem to have a lot. A cheap row counter is a deposit slip from your checkbook-yes! for each row knitted, mark off 1, 2, 3, etc. A livelier knitting discussion group for you might be - since Threads stopped printing articles about knitting, most of these discussion groups are about fine sewing. To be fair , Threads printed 2 wonderful books about knitting, Hand knitting Techniques from Threads and another one, Hand knitting Traditions from Around the World. Have fun!