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socks (was "shetland yarn"

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I've done two pairs of socks, one with Regia and the other with something called Blauband Maxi Ring. I knitted them ankle-down and found I could try them on during knitting to perfect the size, so I'm not sure what the advantage of toe-up would be?

The yarn is so wonderful that I was thinking of making a sweater, but on #4 needles this must take forever, right?

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It was easier for me to see exactly how high I wanted the ankle when I started toe-up and I think the toe is annoying bumps from weaving in yarn ends.

I don't know your second yarn but with Regia, I'm not sure you 'd get the same effect in a sweater.  Because it's a much shorter row in a sock, you go around with the same section of yarn, tweed or color, enough times to make a good stripe but in a sweater with a much longer row, I think the stripe effect would get lost.  It's too bad because it would make a great sweater.  Even on size 4's it shouldn't take that long.                      rjf


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It suddenly struck me when I started working on the second sock that another reason I like starting at the toe is how tedious 2 X 2 ribbing is on 3 size 2 needles.  If I had to start a sock there, I'd never get to heel!        rjf


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I'm okay with tedious knitting jobs, that's the perfect time to take it with me everywhere I go because I don't have to think!

I got some new sock yarn today. Is there any reason not to do cabled rib for the ankle on a sock?

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I can't think of a structural reason.  For me, it's just not easy to work on 3 needles with a short span.  That would be very attractive.  Go for it!     rjf