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Socks (post #29200)

I just knitted my first pair of socks using a Regia pattern and two strands of fingering yarn. They were knitted to my size but are a little loose around the ankle and lower leg. It was stockinette, and I'm assuming that if I do ribbing instead (and make the next smaller size in width) it would tighten it up?

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Ribbing should help a lot!


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Ribbing is generally used for stay-up purposes (some knitters even put ribbing down the top of the foot, almost to the toes, for a smooth fit). But for Fair Isle or other patterned socks, you take the lower leg measurements at various points, and decrease or increase accordingly, to get a close and contoured fit.

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Now, there's the advantage of knitting toe-up.  You could try them on as you knit and change what you don't like before it's too late.   rjf


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Can anyone point me in the right direction for a toe-up sock pattern? My 14-year old is knitting her first pair of socks and she is so excited, I would like to find her a toe-up version. Thanks.

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If you check message 1984.10, there is a web address sent by Jean (she always has good ones) and it's a great one.  If you search further through the messages about invisible cast-on, there is a second good site but the address changed.  The second address is in there somewhere.  Oh, wait a it is: .     rjf