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Small flower for top of baby's cap

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Can anyone tell me how to crochet a small flower for the top of preemie baby caps?  I can make a crochet chain and tie a little bow, but I wanted something like a little flower.  Thanks, all.


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Make a chain, single crochet into the last loop, making a circle. Chain five or six (or more, depends on how thick your yarn is), and single crochet into the circle. Make five of these loops in the circle. You now should have a centre (your chain circle) and five "petals" . Single crochet into each one and voila, a little flower!

This of course is a very simple flower, but try some of the crochet sites on the internet.....type crochet flower instructions...into Google, with luck you will find a video to follow.

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Thank you so much.  Will use your suggestion.



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go to youtube for your crochet flower. Here are different type. Have Fun!!

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Okay, thank you a lot!!

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Hi Carmelita:

I stumbled across this a few months ago and had it stuck in my Favourites:

The sample looks a bit large, but I'm sure if you made it with a small yarn, it would be quite exquisite.  The website is pretty neat too.  There's a part 2 to the how-to-crochet-a-flower also.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you very much!!  Yes, I'm sure with the baby yarn it will be just right.


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At you can find all kinds of free patterns to download, including several different small flowers.  They also have free baby patterns, afgans, scarves, etc., etc.

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Thank you so much!!