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Silver Knitting Ribbon

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Hi,  I inherited about 25 spools of silver knitting ribbon, a pattern for a shell, and the front of the shell finished.  The front seems to be a bit stiff and the stitches are very pronounced.  I think it would be scratchy to wear.  Also there doesn't seem to be very much stretch to it as in regular yarn.  I have never knitted with ribbon, this front is not in a size anyone in my family could use.  Questions:

1. could I unravel this successfully,

 2. Is it worth it?,

  3. does it have to be lined after completing it?

 4. Is there a special technic to knitting it and do I need to get a book on it?  There does not seem to be any instructions  about the knitting stitches on the pattern. 

5. Do I need to unpack it from my boxes and sell it on ebay?

Thanks so much, I know you will have great advice.  Jody 

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Sounds like interesting stuff!  What's it made from?  Could you wash it and it would soften up?  Maybe crochet a purse (or more)?   rjf



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I did a ribbon sweater for a friend several years ago.  It was pretty, but as she wore it, it kept getting longer and longer. I doubt she wore it more than once. Now a purse is a great idea!

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Hi Jean, also rif, ehbeth,  The purse sounds like a great idea.  I didn't get back to you because my daughter twisted her knee at college and had to go get her to get her taken care of.  She is much better, and still with crutches, but getting along great!  I dont know what the ribbon is made from, it looks like it maybe rayon, has woven edges, is made by Patou. There is no fiber content given.  It was knitted on size 8 needles.  I think I will take the front apart and see if I can get the "wiggles" out of it and I do have some ideas about a clutch purse.  Will let you know what happens.  Thanks so much for answering me. Jody

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Hi Jody!

I'd unravel that front, and then knit a couple of smallish test swatches with different needle sets. I'd also do one or two sets combining the ribbon yarn with other yarns. Finding the right yarn/needle combo can be tricky if you're not an experienced knitter (which may explain the effect of the front you've been presented with).

Best of luck with this.

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