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question about a knitted tube

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During the long waits for hurricanes to fit last year, I knitted a long tube w/yarn I'd bought at a yard's about 3 ft long and the circular part is about 12 inches.  I've played w/the idea of cutting it in some way, then zig zag it on the sewing machine...don't know what I'd make, but think it would be fun to try something.  Several years ago I read of a woman who knit tubes on the airplanes while traveling...she'd made something w/them but I can't remember what, or how.  Any ideas?  Thanks, JackieK

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Sounds to me like you already have something. I'd put a fringe on either end and call it a scarf.

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You might try the discussion at this knitting site:

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Is there any wool in the yarn?  If so, you could try lightly felting the tube and then cutting the fabric to make something.


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Neck and cuffs on a woven?

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how about drawstring bags, bottle wraps to wrap bottle gifts, sew up the edges and add fringe for a scarf, put a sachet in and sew up the ends, use them for shoe bags, roll pillows with gathered ends or make fun stuffed toys out of them.