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Norwegian Knitting

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How is your new knitting project coming along?  The yarn sounds lovely.  Mine's on hold as I'm reconsidering which pattern to use dithering a real Pisces thing or something?  Went to a stitches and craft show yesterday, and there seems to be a real revival of knitting with far more interesting wools available now.  Couldn't find an archive with that Jaeger 4-ply Norwegian pattern to send you a web-link, wasted a lot of time on Google again trying, though! 

A lady from the NSW Knitters' Guild referred me to a book of N. Knitting patterns, after remarking on her 8-ply (DK, double Knitting) one she was wearing, and where to get it.  You know I was considering though, a library book with cross-stitch 'geometric-type' patterns might be the go, then just centreing each and working out the number of repeats, using a plain 4-ply pattern for the shaping and number of stitches etc, hey may have hit on something!

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Goodmorning to you from a muggy UK.I had a look though a couple of my old books."McCall'sNeedlework in colour"by The Editors of McCall's Needlework & Crafts Magazine Hamlyn.London.New York.Sydney.Toronto.ISBN 0 600 024849.That has a section of Norwegian sweaters/cardigans.A really stunning woman's sweater with traditional norwegian design neckline.way beyond me!!!but perhaps with the above information,if are interested the library may be able to help.or MaCalls themselves.hope this of some help.bye for now June