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looking for pattern for new-born "nightie"

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Hello All

I think I am directing this query to members who are in the 50+ set, but you never know! 

In anticipation of grandchildren I am looking for a patttern for a nightgown for a newborn that my mother made for my son when he was born. She firmly turned her nose up at the currently popular terry jumpsuits, explaining that there was no way to check the dfiaper without disturbing the (hopefully) sleeping child.  Only because she made several did I try them and I was sold!  I made several more for my son and it was a God-send especially when he was colicky!

Here is the thing; somewhere along the line the pattern got lost.  I admit it is simple to design, but the pattern would be appreciated if anyone has one to share.  Barring that does anyone know the appropriate neck measurement and sleeve length for newborns and an estimation of body circumference?   At the moment the famlly has no babies to measure.

It is basically an open backed raglan sleeved night dress with a couple of ties on the back to close it and optional mitts that can attach to the sleeve if baby's nails scratch baby's face.  The sleeves are gathered with elastic.  That's it!  If one had the time or inclination. the front neck could be smocked for a bit of decorative interest.

Trusting that this body of sewers can help, I thank you in advance and look forward to some direction.



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Newborn Nightie (post #38614, reply #1 of 1)

Years ago babies were placed on their tummies to sleep.  Now, its on their back.  An opening on the back would not be comfortable nor easy for the parents to access while the baby is sleeping.