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looking for a pattern

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There is a lovely raglan sleeve sweater (aran style) on the cover of the book Knitting Tips and Secrets. Does anyone know where I can find that pattern?


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Have you checked the photo credits inside the book?  In addition to identifying the photographer, such credits also usually include information about the content of the photo.  The credits are often on one of the first pages of the book, mentioned in the foreward or on the bottom of the back flap of the paper cover.

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I checked the credits in my copy, as Teaf5 suggested - no info about the garment. I also went through the two books Taunton published which are a compilation of the knitting articles from earlier issues - nothing. I'll keep looking!

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Thankyou for looking!


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I don't know what your picture looks like, but I have a book in mind.  "THE COMPLETE BOOK OF RAGLAN SWEATERS"  BY LEISURE ARTS.    The sizes are from 6 months to a size 50 and there are several  different patters in there.  Good Luck