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Looking for knit baby hat patterns

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Hi all,

I'm usually over at the Fine Cooking forum.  Now I'm looking for baby hat patterns, because one of the servers at our club is due soon and there's to be a baby shower next month.  I'd like to give her a half dozen hats for her baby.  So far, I've found:

Apple Hat at

and a pumpkin hat at

and a ladybug one at

and even a Christmas tree one,

If anyone has similar patterns, I'd love to see them.



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Lion has a "learn to knit" kit with a pattern for a cute cap and booties.  The cap is similar to the ones you had but instead of being a pumpkin or apple, etc., it is a cap and the top has a knit one, purl one, top for about two inches.  between the cap and the knit one, purl one, after you finish the cap, ribbon is run through - makes a cute gift and real easy after the first one.  The booties are real easy also.