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Looking for discontinued Hayfield Kil...

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I have found a sweater that I want to knit and it is calling for 6 balls, 50grms, 1.75oz, 166yds of "Hayfield Kilmory DK" in color code number #6004 (I believe it's mediteranean green) and 2 balls of "Kilmory Jewels DK" in the color and weight except color code is #61004 and yardage is 157 yards per 50grm ball. The pattern also says that they are both from Cascade Yarns, Inc. Can I get these from you? Do you have something similar? The yarn appears to be brushed (fuzzy). The Kilmory Jewels is fuzzy with gold metalic. I got the pattern from a December 1990 issue of McCall's Needlework & Crafts. It is pictured on page 9 of this book and the pattern is on page 46.

Can you please help, I want to knit this sweater.


Linda LaHaye
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Linda, we don't sell any yarn at Threads. But I've done a lot of knitting in my life, and one of the best things about knitting is that you can substitute other yarns in a pattern. It usually works best if you choose a yarn with a similar gauge, and I'm sure you can find something close to those colors, if that's what you want. When you're using a 12-yr-old pattern, you need to be ready to make substitutions.

I just searched Cascade/Hayfield on, and came up with several sites that sell their yarn. One that looks especially friendly and helpful is I'll bet they can help you find a yarn to use with your pattern.