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I was born in a family whose penchant in life includes anything related to arts. Although we do excel academically, we are more inclined to draw, dance, sing, paint, and even design clothes. In fact, two of my grandmothers have earned their living through sewing dresses during the course of their lives. Having sewn all throughout their lives, they know almost anything that has to do with it. From cloths and yarns to needles, name it and they would not miss a single detail about it. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? I do think so, too. Unfortunately, I have not acquired any of their talents. All I can do is just be amazed with their work of art – although I have left a detail untold.


You see, I am the only one in the family who do not know how to knit clothes. I could not even do a simple stitch myself. I still have to ask for our auxiliary’s assistance every time I need some knitting to do. So, in my attempt to at least learn the craft, I surfed on the web for some information I might grab or learn along the way regarding needles and yarns, and how to sew. Having considered it to be a one-woman task, I was rather overwhelmed with the tons of things I had to learn.


Here are some of the insights I have picked up in my search: Needles are not simply needles. As fragile and as little as they appear, they still come in various sizes. In addition to this, they also come in different types for various purposes. For instance, there is a certain type of needle for knitting and sewing dresses. Hence every type and every size of needle have different crochet terms for certain countries. Knitting needle conversion chart and knitting needle sizes have come to life since then.


After I have gone through all the headaches of memorizing the terms and patterns, I decided to create a piece for my baby nephew and give it as a gift. So I downloaded these knitting patterns for babies, and painstakingly started my little sewing adventure. It was not something one could consider a “work of an expert”, but it was better than I expected although it took long before I was able to finish it. Perhaps, I’ll be able to create a perfect one next time. I might even sell them. Who knows, right?

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