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left hand knitting

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I am trying to learn left handed knitting but I can't find a good source to learn about it .I already know how to knit but my daughter gave me a set of circular needles and they are suppose to be used  with left hand knitting.I will appreciate if somebody can help me.

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I use circular needles all the time and I knit right handed. I don't understand the problem I guess.

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thank you,I'll try again to do it as I already know how

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There is no such thing as lefthand knitting. You use both hands to manipulate the needles. You can however, hold the yarn with your left hand if you prefer. The stitches are still made the same way, regardless of how you hold the yarn. I am right handed, but grew up with an Eastern Euro. grandmother that taught me to knit with the yarn wraped around  the left index finger in the same way one would if they were crocheting.  Susan

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That was what I was told , to hold the yarn with my left hand and hold the needles in the air ,not behind my arm. thank you for answering my question

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How do you knit??  I suspect you may anchor the needle under your arm, since you are thrown by the concept of circular needles.  With circular needles, you can hold the yarn in your right OR left hand.  There's no reason to learn a new way to knit!  You may have to get used to holding both needles, however. 

Holding the yarn in your left hand is often referred to a Continental knitting.  You can find demonstrations of it in many beginner knitting books.  I believe has some demonstration stuff on it too.  Also, your local yarn shop probably has someone who knits that way who could help you.  If you want to get into multiple color knitting, or intarsia, knowing how to hold the yarn in both hands is very helpful.  You can work two hands at once.  Otherwise, there's no need for you to reteach yourself - just keep knitting the way you learned.


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thank you for answering my questions.I think I'll try it again .

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There was an article about left-handed knitting in issue #28 of Threads. Moreover there are plenty of sites about it on the web, for instance