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Knitting beanies advice

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Wanted to try my hand at knitting a beanie-type hat, but not really sure what the best type of yarn would be for this project. I went through my basket of yarn, and this is the only one where I have a substanial amount. I'd like to avoid going out to buy more (want to save money :P), but I'm not sure whether it would be best for knitting hats. Any tips or advice? 

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fiber behavior compatability (post #36079, reply #1 of 1)

I really think if sheep wool is tolerable thats the best becasue it breaths so does not promote scalp problems, and sheeps wool has the most resilienced recovery.  Cotton blends are great too but the synthetic aspect doesn't breath and cotton and linen itself doesnt recover as much so the beanie could loose its shape.  Linen is great as well but it is similar in characteristics to cotton with lack of recovery and the beanie would knit larger by comparison with the same pattern knitted with cotton because the strands do not sit or matt together as much.  anyways, all natural fibers causes the lease scalp problems. 100% silk handknit yarn knits up like cotton and does matt together but there is absolutely no recovery and you might need to knit cable patterns to act as a recovery.  silk also has a tendency to continue growing so your own beanie will become larger and larger within the hour of wearing it.    synethetics as polyester has recovery like sheeps wool.  if you knit the same pattern using the various yarns, you would end up getting different sizes.