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Knit, Knit, Knit, Ta Da!

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Last night I actually knitted a pair of slippers for my grand daughter.  I'm so very proud of myself.  I use that Red Heart Super Saver I was given, but they turned out lovely.  I made them in dark purple and trimmed them with pink fun fur.  I then made a chain long enough to thread around the opening and tie in a bow for better fit. 

It was a pattern from my knitting DVD and a one piece deal that knitted up fast.  It took about four hours to do the pair and finishing.  Great huh?!!!!

I'm doing a pair for the older grand daughter today.  I've just gone knitting crazy, so far this is my first finished knitted piece, I have two long rectangles I started and very much unpleased with the progress.  I pulled a Vanna White pattern for a knitted afghan out and I decided I will try that.  It is simple k and p but you knit the pick up stitches and add to the piece as you go.  I'll try it, don't know how, but I am determined to KNIT an afghan (giggle).

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist