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irish knit caps

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Does anyone out there have a knitting pattern for an Irish knit cap. I have seen some that have straight sides for @1'1/2 and then tapered top-looks a bit like a beanie-not a great description but there it is- Thanks -Hazel8

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There's something in Threads #13, from 1987 on Aran knitting.  There are eight hats, sort of tam-shaped but not so flat, with interesting designs.  I think some of the old issues are available on line but I don't know how to access them.  Maybe someone else can help.      rjf



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Is this the type you are meaning?



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I am not sure if that is the pattern as I was not able to open the link. I will try again later. Thanks-Hazel8

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It's a pdf file. You need to download Adobe reader to open it.

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