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I Lost MY pattern in the misdt of my...

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I'm a little better than a rank beginner. I'm nearly done except for the arm holes and neck line for a simple shell. what to do?

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Draw a sketch of the top of your garment. Find one from your wardrobe that fits you. Measure the depth of the armhole, the width across the top between the arms, the measurement from the start of the armholes to the bottom of the neckline, the width of the neckline, any other measurements you think might be helpful (grin).
Write these down on your sketch. Now check your many row and stitches per inch. Get out your calculator and figure out the corresponding number of rows and stitches for all the inches and write them on your sketch too. Then just follow your sketch..decreasing where needed to shape the armholes and neckline. If you are knitting a pattern make sure that you continue in pattern. When you get to the neck opening you will place one side on stitch holders and work one side at a time. Make sure you write down what shaping you do so that you can mirror it when you knit the second side.
Good luck!