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horizontal Knitting

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Has anyone ever tried knitting a sweater horizontally? I've seen examples in knitting books but I've always suspected that after a while they'd hang funny.I'm interested because there are so many beautiful variagated yarns these days, but I would prefer the stripes to come out verticaly. A sweater's worth of yarn is a big investment these days and I'd hate to have it sag out of shape.

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i'm not a great knitter and have only done horizontal stripes, but if you want vertical, don't you just cast on alternating colors and go from there?

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I love knitting jackets, vests and sweaters sideways and have never had any sagging. I suspect this could happen if the knitting is very loose, or the yarn particularly heavy. I mix yarns of many weights and types - that's after all the beauty of knitting like this. Taunton has a book "Great Knits" with a good article by Molly Geismann which you'll find very useful. She discusses gauge and the possibility of stretching. Catherine Ham "25 Gorgeous Sweaters" walks you through a sideways knitted vest.

Enjoy - this is fun knitting!


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Thank you for the book suggestion. I'll check it out. I think you may have a good point about the heavier yarn.

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Happy to have helped.