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help identifying old lace (or crochet)

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I'm Larry Nash, Jane's husband - a total newbie here), and she suggested that I message this discussion for help identifying the technique of this beautiful old peice of crochet (or lacework?) that I have found among my Mother's things.

I've attached 2 photos of the item; one of entire item, and another close-up showing about a 2 1/2 inch square of detail.

Can anyone help me, possibly with the technique used, and name of pattern? etc. Any and all help gratefully appreciated. Thanks.


Larry Nash

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For an expert opinion, you might want to contact the Textiles or Design Department at your state university. The garment construction looks like it dates to about 1910-1920 or so; the pieces I have from that era were commerically-produced strips that the home sewer tatted together to form fabric. Other pieces from that period were commercially joined and sold in lengths that the home sewer could then shape into garments. The intricate detailing of the factory-produced laces from that period are amazing; I have a hard time imagining the equipment that produced such hand-work quality in such large quantity.

It appears to be a chemise or undergarment that would be worn under an outer jacket or shell, with the red giving a little accent where it peeked out from a shaped neckline. You might also want to check a period costume book for the construction and use of the garment. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the speedy and informative reply to my question.


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Larry, you may also want to have a look at these for some assistance in identifying your item.  Frances

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    Thanks for the helpful info and leads.


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    You're welcome - hope you find something.  Frances

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    If you post me separately I will give you the address of an experienced lace maker who can give you advice or alternatively you can go to the lacemakers website which is they can identify the lace for you and help you with your enquiries