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funky fringe

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I saw a scarf/shawl, knitted or crocheted, on one of the craft shows, that had an incredible fringe that was make of different knitted leaves, hearts, flowers, etc., hanging from a crocheted chain. They were hanging at different lengths, and different colors, and were made of different fibers. It was really beautiful and unusual, and I wondered if anyone has any more specific ideas or tips on how to achieve this.

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Hi there

You don't say if you actually knit/crochet?  Nicky Epstein has a whole series of books on knitted embellishments that go into great detail on knitting flowers, leaves, etc.


will probably have everything you need.

You could knit the shawl and then create the fringe; you could buy a fairly plain shawl/wrap and embellish it. For the fringing, I'd crochet chains to which I'd attach the flowers, etc. These can be sewn on - I like to use embroidery floss for this. You can add beads, either sewn on or threaded through the chains/cords. Buttons too. I'd lay the shawl flat on a large surface as I worked so as to check placement - you'd want the embellishments to be staggered so they don't crowd each other out; use lightweight yarns if possible.

This will be great fun and you'll probably get addicted!

Good luck



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Thank you, Katina,
( I do both... knitting and crocheting. ) I will check out your recommendations.

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You're welcome!