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fun site to see

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This is an interesting art exhibit I thought people might enjoy seeing.

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Thank you for posting the URL.  The work is exquisite.  There was another site with this type of work.  I thought I kept it but at the moment am unable to find it.

MO, this Free Form crochet at it's best.  For more on the latter, Prudence is the guru.

I had the opportunity to see her & her work in person at the CGOA Chain Link July 2004.  Because I was early enough in making my reservation, I was able to take a class with her.   Worth the time & cost.


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I can only imagine the ideas you got after being in a class with a woman who is definitely thinking outside the box

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Definitely a catload of ideas. The challenge is executing them.

She wore all manner of fashion during the conference, and in her classes.

Prudence strongly suggested using a wide variety of yarns & cords in the doing.  There was a thought of her trying to convince manufacturer's to assemble "kits" having a selection of different yarns.  There was a piece of her work having shoelaces incorporated into it.  Unsure if she ever succeeded. 

Have you taken a classwith her, or do you know of ehr through her publications? 


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I don't know Prudence, but I used to get a couple of crochet magazines that would have great things.  And threads used to have some of the neatest fiber art on the back page. 

I finally learned to knit after I retired and have been playing with that.  I just learned the feather and fan stitch and am working on small blanket with pink and brown varigated yarn that I think is from Bernat.  It is almost done.  For Christmas at the bead group, we have what they call a blanket party.   You bring anything you want, white elephants, crafts, beads, and anything fun.  Nothing is wrapped and it is layed out on the floor or a table.  Then we take turns selecting something.  This year I took a variety of knit hats and dish-cloths.  I used them to practice different stitches.  I should explain, they invited me to join but I do whatever portable craft I am working on. 

I have really enjoyed all the different projects that I have read about on the Gatherings.  It is helping the creative juices to keep flowing.

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>> ...  helping the creative juices to keep flowing. << 

Needlework also helps the neurons & synapsies in our brains.  Special MRI's have been done as any number of individual doing hand crafts.  The cerebral activity was notable.

The learning of something different is a stimulation because one has to use a thought process.  Certainly understandable since each pattern or effort varies. 

Currently I'm really stimulating my brain.  I've taken on a lace knit pattern.  Figured it would be a lark because of the many socks, some argyles & other patterns, I've completed using DPN's.  Along with mittens/gloves, hats, and baby/child sweaters.  Wrong!  After 4 froggings, I was finally able to establish the pattern.

Applause on your knitting a small blanket.  Personally, I find it the better for me to crochet a piece in this category.



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I went to the web-site,  That is a beautiful shawl and the yarn looks really soft.  I signed up for the web site.  Thanks so much.  If you haven't tried feather and fan, it has only one pattern row in four.  But I did the same thing  when I first tried it.  But I played with it on some dish clothes and made a scarf.  I have 3 or 4 more inches to go. 

Thanks for another good web-site.  I like knitpick too.

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You are very welcome for the Berroco URL.  I feel certain you'll be pleased with their newsletter.  They offer some really neat patterns for what I call "whimsies".  Knit creations for children or using up yarn.  But one example is the "doll" on this bag pattern.  Scroll at -

As is the case with color variances in a PC monitor, I expected some difference in shade.  I was a bit taken back by the drastic difference when I went to pick up the yarn.   I phone ordered the Ulta Alpaca Fine in blueberry mix based on my screen.  Seeing it, I would call it more like blackberry.  Fortunately, the shop had ordered other colorways, so I was able to choose another.  With the company named tourquoise I'm using, it is more what I'd describe as a medium sage.  Closer to their pea soup mix.   Should I choose their yarn for another effort, I'll have to drive to the shop to see the color card. 

I e-mailed the company and received a very prompt and gracious reply.   My insight to cyberspace is limited so I/m uncertain how the color issue can be resolved if at all.

Berroco also replied to my question on how I could make a swatch.  MO, but for a very few exceptions, all patterns (knit & crochet) should have directions on doing a swatch.

Gee, I sound like I'm promoting Berroco.  Guess in a way I am.

Enjoy your new bookmark!   me 

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What a darling bag.  It reminds of Elinor Peace Bailely.  I took a doll class with her several years ago.  She wore a vest covered with pockets that each had a little doll in it.

The little crocheted dolls could be used for a lot of different decorataions. 

Another project for my list.

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Very pretty, and you have much more patience than I do! Thanks for the site, lots to look at! Cathy

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You are so kind to acknowledge my effort.  As to my patience, duirng my career years,  I was noted to have the attribute.  Perhaps it is thus, and my genes, that has me in my 7th decade w/o any prescribed medications.  Though I do take suppliments.

However, from my perspective, I admit to some selectivity in the practice. 

I figure you'll read my reply to joyfulneedles.  As such, you might explore the Berroco patterns when time permits.


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I bookmarked it also! Somehow I missed that one. Thanks for the update. Yes, the colours on different monitors is a problem. I know you can adjust them somewhat, but I do not know how. Cathy

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How wonderful that you are able to do needlework at your age!  I am already limited to 1 hr. sessions due to arthritis...and I'm only 53.  I'm trying to get as much crocheting done as I can before my hands finally say 'no more.'  I love to do doilies and the tinier the thread, the better.


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perhaps this is the site you meant, and in any case is fascinating and amazing!

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Amazing and fun to see, thanks for sharing.

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Yes, she does awesome free form work in knit and crochet.  I made a purse after watching her on a tv program,  can't think of the name now, the host was Australian.

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Thanks for the site!  Unbelievable!  Some of it reminds me of stuff I did back in the '70's....and threw out....LOL!  I just sent the URL to my daughter.  She will love it and it may inspire her to start crocheting can only hope!  She gave up the chance at a scholarship at Herron School of Art back in the '90's and it was a real shame.  She has so much talent and it is just going to waste...I'm hoping this will nudge her....


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It was my daughter who sent it to me. I loved your comment about what it reminded you of.

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Thank you that was great.  I missed a coral exhibit when it was here in Chicago.  I don't know if this is the same.  People were invited to add to it.  So sorry I missed that.  Thanks for the site, it was great.

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That is amazing crochet.  And so many different designs and colors.   Wonderful!!!

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing this site, I find it very interesting as I have not seen such an exhibition in Malaysia(where I live). Looking forward to sharing more information among crafters. Cheers to all. M

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I've been lucky enough to see this in reality - its brill!
Very colourful and textural and an inspiration for those of us who only do the boring bits of crochet etc.