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crochet tablecloth pattern

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Is there a book or pattern source to crochet tablecloths that anyone can suggest?  I am looking to make a 70 x 180 tablecloth using #10 pearl crochet thread.

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You might try looking for something here...

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Thanks so much...I'll give it a try

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That was a trip down memory lane!  I remember my Grandmother's tablecloth and how we all wanted it.  A boy cousin got it and his wife used it as a bedspread for their kids.  Very sad.

I was surprised to see that many designs were in the 1940's.  It seemed to me that it would have been earlier, like '20s.  Can you imagine the hours it would take to make one?  And to get all the pieces just the same size?  After all that work, could anyone actually use it?  Good luck to Suzanne; I admire her courage.     rjf



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I went into the site suggested by rtf...there are many beautiful examples of what I am looking for.  I've got a feeling it is a "many year project".  I printed off the instructions and am going to try a couple of samples. 

We've had a very difficult time trying to purchase a tablecloth for a "fat oval" so I thought my only alternative would be to make one.  I'm considering trying to find lace that is 72" wide and just sewing my own to the proper length.

Thanks so much to both of you for your help.