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Crochet Pattern from old Threads

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I am looking for a crochet pattern from an old Threads magazine. The pattern was for making a crocheted hat, in the round, in single crochet, starting from the top. It was not a beret but was more formed to the head. I think it told how to incorporate a star pattern at the top of the hat, so if you looked at it from the top, it was a five-or six-pointed star. I made one hat this way and love it, and would love to find the pattern so I can make another. Does anyone have old issues and the time to look thru them for me? I would guess it was within the first 5 years of Threads. I would be happy to copying and shipping. Thank you!

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Would that be "Crocheting Colorful Hats: Working With Two or More Strands is Easier Than You Think" by Adriene Cruz? She starts in the center of the top, has you taper the sides slightly to fit the head. The emphasis is on using color and creating your own pattern designs.

If this is the one, it's in #43; Oct/Nov 1992, pp34-36.

If you can't find it, I can copy for you.