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Carpenter looking for pattern advice...

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I'm visiting over from Breaktime.

My wife is a knitter and she has been looking for some patterns similar to what she sees in the Anthropologie catalog. Sha hasn't had much luck and I wondered if you might be able to suggest some websites or other sources...

If you're not familiar with Anthropologie, here is a link. Stylish and really expensive (at least for us.)

Thanks for your time.



Technique is proof of your seriousness. - Wallace Stevens
Technique is proof of your seriousness. - Wallace Stevens
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Try these sites:

My dd, who is a knitter and a huge Anth. fan, recommends both of these sites.  I'd also add (from my own perspective)....



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That White Lies link was great! The sweaters there could easily fit on page 6 of the Anthropologie sweaters. Great link!


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If you can't play a sport, be one.
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hi v- i'm usually over at breaktime too, since we've got an endless home remodel project going on .

i love anthropologie, and it's too pricey for me too. here's a simple tip to adapt patterns your wife might already have the anthropolie 'look': for tops, make the sleeves way too long so they can be scrunched up at the wrist. instant fashion!
also, much of the effect is just choosing the right textures and colors, whatever pattern she uses.

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Anthropolgie's look is typically a retro one.  She might try looking on ebay for some vintage vogue patterns.  A lot of the same look will be achieved by the fabric selection more so than the pattern.  An eclectic combination of fibers, colors and textures will give any pattern the look that anthropoligie achieves.