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Can u recom'd any modern, stylish pattns

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Hi - thinking again about going back to doing some hand knitting and crochet - but still can't find any patterns that I feel are modern enough to be stylish. I might be a little prejudiced possibly, but could any of you suggest either a)a particular designer's stuff b)pattern producers that have moved with the times and c)good suppliers by post - I'm in the UK

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Hi there and welcome back to knitting

What about Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits magazines?

Amazon carries all kinds of knitting books - this one might be what you're looking for, though the reviews are mixed.

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OOh thanks for this - some great patterns here! Ive already been sitting going through the vogue one - when I should be sewing some covers for a chair! - and it sure is a thief of time - I'll try the other sites later - must get on!
Thanks Jan
Must just say though, that I think I will either need to lose weight - or just stick to simple garments or accessories at the mo!
is it just me- but a lot of the designs wont suit my frame - fine if i was a young slip of a girl - or still into flower power etc.
I think i will have to do the crossover style at the mo! cos otherwise i might just appear to be slightly larger than I already am!!
Once again - thanks for the links jan

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Hi Jan

Lovely accessories are a good way to get back into knitting. Maybe you could try a shawl or wrap of some kind? The main thing is to be knitting again while you search for patterns you like. The trend at the moment is towards more fitted garments - this may or may not last - but a simple jacket in stunning yarn, well-executed, with lovely buttons, is a wardrobe staple and will last and serve you well. Good luck - keep us posted as I and others are most willing to help you.

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Thanks Katina - I think accessories might be all I could manage at the mo - but hopefully this year bought a motorhome - so knitting might be easier to take around with me then i wont miss the machine so much. hand embroidery i like but eyesight beginning to be a slight drawback!

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The Interweave magazine styles are beautiful and very up-to-date. I've resisted buying them because I don't have time to use them, but they keep calling to me...