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cabled neck?

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I'm knitting a simple pullover for my husband. I decided to cable the ribbing so that it wasn't completely boring, but now I'm wondering what to do to the neck. Try to cable it? I don't want it to be too tall, so a single turn (six rows of 4x2 cable) is probably all I'd be able to fit. Would that look dorky? Maybe I should just do a 2x2 rib instead. What do you think?

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What kind of ribbing do you have on bottom and sleeves?  I'd do the same on the neck.                                                                        rjf


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I did a 4x2 cable (it pulled up really tight so next time I'll probably alternate the cables with stockinette ribbing) but the ribbing at the waist is 4" long so I got 3-4 turns of the cables. At the neck it's only going to be 1" so I certainly can't fit any more than one turn, maybe not even that. That's why I'm not sure about cabling it. Plus it pulls it up tight and I don't want the neck to be too tight.

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What you need is the Feb/Mar 1988 issue of Threads which has directions for invisible cast-off.  It stretches to get over your head but doesn't stay stretched.  Ah, but the other thing you could do is work the ribbing twice as long and fold it in half and sew it to the cast-on row.  Don't bind it off, just sew each stitch to the neck edge.  I did that many times before I found the invisible cast-off.  You might a cable turn right at the edge and that would good, I think.         rjf


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Would doing the neck cable with larger sized needles give you enough ease?  Or how about doing the cable neck piece as a long strip and then grafting it onto the body. 

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It's not ease or casting off that I'm worried about so much as the design repeat. I'm not sure I'll get much of a cable look in a 1" neck ribbing. I'm just going to have to try it and see how it works out.

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Just wondering:

Have you decided how to do the cable neck ribbing?  Is it done?     rjf


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No I haven't gotten there yet. Some baby showers pulled me away from this sweater to some other projects...

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I know how that goes.  Then I forget where I was  when I go back to the project.  Sometimes, though, a better idea occurs and that's good.       rjf