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Brother KH930

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I Purchased a second hand machine and have replaced a few parts already, but have just found out that the middle (double) button is not returning properly when cancelled.  It comes back out only half way and very slowly,  I have to manually bring it out the rest of the way.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I did replace a part on the underside of the carriage at the front which has two white plastic pieces on each end, while doing this I removed a screw which is directly under the middle button and am wondering if there is a spring inside which is now no longer connected to anything,  Is this all too techie ?  Any advice will be appreciated.

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My machine is a KH910 (non electronic) but the basic  k carriage can't be too much different. What you've described does sound like a spring problem of some type. Have   you tried emailing the folks who have supplied you with parts? They can sometimes be very helpful about solving problems long distance.

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Middle "M" button sticking not releasing on knitting carriage (post #29222, reply #2 of 2)

I would like to know what the solution to repairing the sticking button on your carriage was?  I have the same problem now.