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Binding off in pattern

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I am binding off in pattern on the neck of a I bind off on the front (right) side or the back (wrong) side of the sweater?

Thank you for your response.

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Some patterns specify to "end with a wrong side row" or a right side. If you did a test swatch or can do another it's probably worth trying both ways to see how they look. It's likely to not matter because the bind off will be inside a seam.

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If I understand you correctly, you're binding off the neck edge of the sweater which will then complete the neck opening.  If however your pattern calls for a neck edging, like a rib, where you have to pick up stitches, you don't need to bind off - just leave the stitches on a holder until you need them.  Binding off in pattern means keeping the continuity of the pattern stitch, so it won't really matter which side as long as you don't interrupt the pattern, but you'll probably find the right side easier.  Use a needle one size larger if you have a tendency to bind off too tightly. 

Sounds like it's almost finished!


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can anyone tell me where i can purchase treated leather to make clothes with?

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you have to buy it by the hide.  do a yahoo or a google search for leather hides and you'll get a ton of resources. also carries them

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thank you sueb so much it is a big help