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Best Place to sell yarn?

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I am getting out of the knitting business, and wonder, where is the best place to sell my high quality yarn?

Anyone have experience with ebay?


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I done some business on ebay selling off my old books and also bought some weaving supplies and yarn through them.  You might try it with a few things and see how it goes.  If you've got a lot you may want to consider an ebay store.  You have to be patient with ebay though, I've found a lot of stuff doesn't sell the first time around but when I relist it 9 times out of 10 it sells.  All in all it's a pretty easy way to do business and move merchandise.

good luck !

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I just signed up last night.


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Try the knitting marketplace forum at

I have no idea how effective it is for selling but it's worth a try.I'd ask what you have but my yarn stash is as out of control as my fabric stash.

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