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Basic potholder

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Dear crocheters and knitters,

My Mother-in-law, now deceased, made a group of potholders for us and for our children.  They are perfect!  However, they are wearing out, and I have no idea how she made them.  It looks as if there is a seam on one side from corner to corner, but not on the other side.  The holder is double layered.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I hate to tear one of the survivors apart to figure this out, if there is any other way of finding out.

Thanks  Margaret-Ann

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One side is a square and the other has a seam dividing it into two triangles ? What about around the perimeter of the square?

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If you could post some photos it would be helpful.

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Take a look at the process by which this crocheted potholder is shaped, folded and seamed. It may be that your MIL's potholder is an example of this sort of thing. If so, it would be a matter of devising the size and shape of the piece you need to fold to get the same-sized result.

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Thanks to all, but Elona gave me exactly what I was looking for.  There it is, a simple pattern in crochet.  We all, me, my daughters, my daughters in law all thank you, because this potholder was everyone's favorite.  We were mourning the departed potholders, but now there is hope that we can make more.


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I'm holding a pot holder like you describe in my hand....well, I put it down to type.  Mine has two seams, one on each side and they go from corner to corner but in opposite directions.  When I traced a line of crochet with my finger, it went all the way around both sides.  So I think you measure the diagonal and crochet a starting row twice as long.  Crochet around (as if you were making a hat) until it's half the length of the diagonal.  Sew one edge together and flatten the gizmo on the table with the seam going diagonally from corner to corner.  When you turn it over, the other edge is running across the opposite corners and you sew those from the outside.  And I tried it on a piece of paper.      rjf

Now I'm curious to know if that sort of matches your directions.

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