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Baby Spirl's Hat HELP!!!

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Can You please help me understand the directions on this? This is different than I used to.

Baby swirl's
Designed by  Robbie Reeder
       October 14, 2005

Materials used:
H hook
yarn needle
  ( crochet in back loops through out to create the ribbed look)

Single stitch means to me is hook to a chain/stitch then yarn over hook then pull through once and yarn over hook then pull through 2 loops ending up with one loop on hook? is this correct?
row 1.  ch 30, 2 sc in second chain from hook, crochet
             one single crochet in each stitch across, to last 2
             chains. crochet the last 2 chains together. 
             29 sc. I chain 30 then skip the first chain and do 2 single crochet to the second chain then do a single crochet on each chain/stitch until the last 2 chain and then single crochet the last 2 chain together.(does this mean I hook into 2 chain then yarn over hook then pull through to loops then yarn over hook then pull through 2 loops again?)d I only get 27 ch. by doing this. What am I doing wrong?

row 2.  single crochet first 2 stitches together, crochet one
             single crochet in each stitch across to last stitch,
             2 single crochet in last stitch ch 1, and turn  29sc. I hook the first two stitch then yarn over hook pull through 2 hoops and yarn over hook and pull through 2 hoops again , single crochet in each stitch across to the last stitch I do 2 single crochet in the same stitch and chain 1 and turn. Should have 29 sc ??.

row 3.  2 single crochet in first stitch, crochet one single
             crochet in each stitch across to last 2 stitches, single
             crochet last 2 stitches together ch1, turn  29sc

repeat rows 2-3 for a total of 37 rows
cutting yarn, leaving a length to gather one edge and then down siding, tie off. I repeat  row 2-3 until I do 37 rows and then gather the edge from the chain you started and then tie off???? This makes it look like a hat?

for trimming around the hat bottom,  you can do most designs of your choice.  I did 2 rounds of single crochet. then fastened off. I understand how to do this part.

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It'll take me a bit to figure out, as I'm more of a visual pattern gal, but here are some considerations to start off:

The instructions to "gather one edge" sound as if you're making a pyramid shape, and then gathering one edge into a peak., then connecting the sides into a single seam.

"Stitch two sc together" (in U.S.) means to go into the first ch, take a loop, then immediately go into the second ch and take another loop.  Then pull through all three loops.  Stitch together reduces the number you will have, and you did two sc together at the beginning of that row.  I think you are reducing at the beginning and end of each row, and the "29 sc" is a mistake.  It should probably be 27 the second row, the 25 the next, then 23.

Oh, wait!  I get it now!  You are making a triangle, from bottom to top, the rows are horizontal at this stage.  Once you finish, you fold the triangle in half and rotate the whole hat 90 degrees so that the new peak is at the top.  What was once the first row (long edge) is now the side seam leading to the peak (the other side is the fold).

What was once the two sides of the original, unfolded triangle is now the bottom of the hat, and the crochet lines are running diagonal to the bottom.

To see how this works, I took a square piece of paper, folded it from corner to corner to make a right triangle.  Set this triangle down with the long edge at the bottom (that's your first row) and draw some horizontal lines all the way across.  Then fold the triangle in half vertically and turn it till the 90-degree (right) angle is at the top.  You'll see your drawn-in lines coming down diagonally.

This is a very simple but very clever pattern!  Solving this problem distracted me from some very frustrating sewing pattern alterations and gave me a fun idea for something completely different!  Let me know if it makes sense.


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I think you should end up with a square (or rectangle) but with the rows all at an angle. I, too, am visual and hands on so I will print off the directions and get some yarn to try this out. Looks really cute and I have grand daughters!!

Thanks for sharing the pattern,
PS I am working it out.... chain 30... don't count the slip knot that you start with. I did the first row and got 29 sc.

After 8 rows here is the idea... it will end up with 4 sides but not at right angles (rhombus not square) you will gather one SIDE EDGE for the crown and sew the chain base to the last row completed for the seam and do the finishing sc along the other SIDE EDGE.

make sure you keep working the same number of sc in each row (29)

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I am so glad it is working out for you. Please keep me posted. I am going to try again. Can you explain to me what you did for the first row to see if I am doing the right stitches. Please??

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slip knot on hook does not count... now chain 30
skip the chain closest to the hook and do 2 sc in the next chain,
then 1 sc in each chain.
by the time you get to the end you should need to do the decrease to keep the count down to 29...if not just do what ever it takes to get 29 and keep 29 stitches in each row.


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The decrease is worked by inserting the hook in 1 chain and drawing up a loop then inserting hook in the next chain and drawing up a loop (3 loops on hook)yarn over and draw through all 3 loops

you will do this every row

all the increasing on one side and all the decreasing on the other side gives it the slanted look that results in the swirls!
Happy crocheting!

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Hmm, a parallelogram?  Then how do the horizontal rows end up angled?  Can't wait to see the solution!

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Here are some photos of the hat in progress... may look odd 'cause I crochet left-handed!


decrease_at_end_of_row.JPG161.92 KB
hat_shape.JPG167.47 KB
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Thank you so much for the pictures. The last picture you did still don't look like a hat to Me!! Sorry I looks like a hat one side I still can't picture it with two sides. I can't wait to see the finish results. Thanks again for doing this for me. Sorry you not cleaning house!!!

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More photos... this is good for my computer/camera skills too!

the blue plastic needle is stuck in the seam (same place in all photos for reference point)

I have almost finished the first row of sc around the edge.

Can you see how it becomes hat shape now?


hat_crown1.JPG175.7 KB
hat_crown2.JPG172.99 KB
hat_inside.JPG182.35 KB
hat_seam2.JPG169.91 KB
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Now I am seeing the hat. That looks great. It looks like a flower shape on top of the hat. Interesting. I can't wait to get started.


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finished hat and tried on baby sized doll.
did too many sc around brim edge so it doesn't roll up nicely.

Maybe I'll just try out some different numbers to get a boy sized hat!!


hat_on_doll.JPG185.71 KB
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Very cute. Boy sized hat???? You mean for the teen?

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yes, my son is 15!

found another pattern on the free pattern site, he might like.


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That looks pretty good too. I didn't read the directions. Is it about the same thing. I also notice that I am not using the worsted weight yarn that I might need to do more stitches because of it. The yarn is all I could find in the colors that we wanted and it is for babies and very soft. I had to redo it a couple of times last night but I got it started. I will show you pictures when I get more in as well.

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The Teen sized hat is ribbed, but not swirled. It would be a place to start for designing a larger swirl hat.
Put that on my "TO DO" list! ha

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Ok I am the point of quiting. I have just pulled my work again. It was not going the angle like your picture. I have to use a needle to pull the back loop and I have feeling I am doing it all wrong. I have pulled four times last night and decided to go to bed and try at it again this morning. I yet tried it again and got the 6 row and it not looking right at all. Well at least I am glad your able to make one. I am going to try something else that might just work.

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So sorry!
If you need a needle to get at the back loop maybe your tension is too tight.

If the work does not angle... are you doing the increase (2 sc in 1) all on the same side, and the decrease (1 sc in 2)on the other side? in other words, if the row you just finished ended with 2 sc in 1, then the next row begins with 2 sc in 1 and ends with a decrease; then the next row begins with a decrease and ends with increase.


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Thank You for your reply. I did the stitches normal and Loose it is still tight to do the inside stitch. My other problem I will end up with 29 on one row then end up 27 then back to 28 which is weird I make sure I count when I am doing it and it isn't coming out right. Urghhhhh Frusterating. That is why I have to keep doing over. Yes I add to stitches on one side and decrease on the other side the five rows I did and still don't come out as a angle. Urghhh

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I'll bet you're wishing for someone to look over your shoulder and watch you do the stitches and see where you're going wrong. I know how frustration feels myself - wish I could help. I hope you won't give up,'s a precious little hat, and I bet problem is something an expert could see in a second!

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I didn't give up. I am finish with my rows and I will take a picture today and hoping to put the hat together. Now that is going to be tricky!!!

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I'm so glad you didn't give up!!
Yes, please post photos!!


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Ok here is 37 rows and now I have to figure out to put it together. I had to do hdc stitch instead of sc stitch. I am thinking because my yarn is to thin. I finally figure it out and it was much easier this way for ME!!!Who Knows here is the picture.¢´t=DSC00420.jpg


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You know I have a 0-6 months hat and it is half of the size of the hat. I want it to fit a newborn but I still think it is two small. I think I am going to put in 10 more rows. What you think? My yarn stretches but not that much.

Never mind I am going to add 10 more rows because I have newborn hat I forgot about and it is still to small for a newborn.

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I finished the putting the hat together. NOw I am going to do the brim. I will post later. I need to take my daugther to reading time at the library and drop her off at preschool after that.

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Really cute yarn!

go back and look at the photos I posted, especially the "fold" ones.

The seam goes at an angle, joining the starting chain and the last row.

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Here is my finished product!!! I am so PROUD of myself. Thank you all for helping me be able to make this cute hat.

This is without the brim

here it is with the brim


CUTE CUTE now I need to figure out how to make one for 6-9 months. I am thinking it will have to longer width and length.


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You go girl!!! You did it!! I'm so glad you kept with it! Really cute hat!

Larger hat will need longer starting chain and more rows, not sure how many, trial and error will show I guess.

Blessings on you today,

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Thank You Becky. I have 6-9 month hat that I can go off of. I showed my finished hat to my husband last night. He said that is a Cool hat and he wants one. LOL LOL

I told him I am going to make another a little bigger than I will make him one. He has a beany hat that I can use for reference. Now I need to find some nice wool yarn.

Thanks again for your help!!! 

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ALL RIGHT!!! And isn't that the cutest thing!

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Oh those were adorable hats.  You did a great job and they are so different from normal, that makes them even more unique.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist