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armhole shaping

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I'm shaping armholes for the first time...The pattern doesn't seem clear to me...I'm instructed to bind off a certain number of stitches for the beg of certain rows...Okay, but what do I do at the end of the row?...When I tried to bind off, I'm left with a stitch on the end...Please help...


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I'm not sure what you mean about binding off at the end of a row. Is this the back of the garment you're working on? If so, you bind off at the beg and work to the end of the row. You turn the work and bind off at the beginning of this next row, and so on for the required number of times. Does this help? If not, can you perhaps write out the instructions here for us to look at?

Don't worry - it's not difficult and you'll get it done!


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Hi Katina,

Thanks for your help...I did get it figured out and thought "DUH" afterwards...


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Good! Enjoy.


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When you get to that last stitch, pull it up so that you have a good size loop (so that you won't lose it), then cut the yarn about 4 or 5 inches away from that stitch.

Now you'll take the end of that yarn, put it through the loop and pull.

That will secure your last stitch and you're done with that part.

The loose yarn is now ready to be woven into the fabric.

Hope that helped.