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I've been doing research for Civil War Era crochet items.  One of the links took me to this site.  It is wonderful!  Lots of FREE old books and patterns for crochet, knitting, and lacemaking, (possibly other as well) in PDF format. These are in several languages, but you can find a translation program on the internet...Google has one...  Anyone can scan their books into this library. So if you have some great patterns.....

I'm sure when I get a chance I'll be adding to this library. Enjoy


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Thanks for this!


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Thanks so much for this link..........I was very excited by some amazing crochet patterns!!!!!!!!!!!

Must work now but will be looking at that site again.

Thank you


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Three other free sites are;
1. tuttoricamo - the site is in both italian and english (click on the flag icon)
- has some books of its own library to download
- contains links to other libraries, partic for the old DMC catalogue - downloadable books on pattern drafting, millinery, glove making etc.
- I have downloaded Harriet Pepin's Modern Dressmaking, and it is extremely thorough, with some really interesting stuff that I haven't seen anywhere else.
3. Gutenberg Project also has a few books, including one with knitting and crochet that is described as remarkable ( I haven't read it). It dates to the late 1800's, so may have some useful stuff.
They are a lot of fun, and useful, jennys

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I tried the site you listed.  It is not the correct one.  I tried and I think this is the one you were intending to post.  I'll try the others as well.  Thanks!

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sorry about the mistake - yes it was the one I intended to post.
I hope you enjoy the others, jenny s

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Okay you are simply AWESOME - Sending you the greatest respect for posting this -

From NY I am Sue Rock~

Have a great week :))