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Wrong and right side of fabric...

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I am working on a dark grey pinstripe wool-polyester material, and am frustrated to find this evening that I can't tell the right from the wrong side.  Whilest the fabric was intact, of course, I could just about tell by looking at the selvage, but what do you do if you forgot to mark the cut fabric, and the artificial light is not helping you any?  Is there a foolproof method that works every time?

I would like to finish the project before Tues, after which my shoulder is going to be operated on and I shall just have to watch my unfinished work for a further 6 weeks!!

Rekha, UK

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I put a piece of colored masking tape on the wrong side. since it si all cut out now, lay everything out. make your decisions and tape the wrong side with a prominent piece of masking tape.


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I 've done that once or twice and I decided that if I couldn't tell which was the right side, it didn't matter.  But I might wait for daylight to be sure.      rjf


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Yeah, I would wait for daylight and take a good, close look at it. If you can't tell the difference, just choose a side to be the right side and try to stick with that. Sometimes you can't readily see the difference in the cut out pattern pieces, but you might try gently rubbing the surface of the fabric on both sides. Occasionally, one side will get more pilly or fuzzed up from abrasion than the other, so then you'd want that to be the wrong side.


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thanks, bydezine and carolfresia, rekha writes with just 1 finger.  i have almost finished the project; the rest'll will have to wait fo perhaps for several weeks.