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what is piecing?

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Can someone explain what piecing means.  I hear it all the time and am not sure what it means.  And, why do people that "piece" like to do it on their berninas?

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Piece is an alternate spelling for peace and when enough people piece or peace a sort of calm, like a blanket, flows over this troubled old world and after a good night's sleep we can all look at our differences in a better light and accept it that we do all love our children and want then to have a home and a life and a tomorrow.

Klaatu Barada Nikto

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That's the best definition I've heard.     And when you through piecing, you've put the world back together?  I knew there was more to this sewing business than met the eye.           rjf


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Piecing is the process where the pieces that make up a quilt are sewn together.  You take the little pieces of fabric and piece (sew) them together to create a quilt.

It requires some exactness so the several separate pieces can be attached correctlyl.

Any good accurate sewing machine is sufficient (Bernina, Pfaff, Brother, Singer Featherweight, Juki, Viking, and so on and so on).  Piecing requires accurate sewing since a 1/16" offset could multiply to one whole inch over 16 pieces.