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Transferring markings from pattern to fabric

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I recently purchased a tracing paper kit for marking fabric. What a disappointment! The marks don't always show up on the fabric. So my question is, what is your favorite way/product to mark sewing lines on fabric?

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favorite fabric markers for sewing (post #36248, reply #1 of 3)

I know about soap pieces and it works and I think its the original until tailor's chalk which works and there's the evaporatable pencil/pen and the waxy pencils and sometimes I use wax crayon, or if I'm careful I use standard pencils and pens.  my favorite is the fabric tracing paper,  Some of them produce markings that needs to be washed off and others iron off.  I have two types of tracing wheels.  the daizy and the solid one (by burda I think).  I tried the double side by side tracing wheel the one that adds the extra allowance as you trace.  depending on what works or doesn't work at my trial with my new project, I generally trace a few inches back and forth as I move forward and around the pattern, as if I was coloring over and over the lines constantly moving forward, even over a short area like dart lines and make sure I apply pressure.  Nothing works well for all fabrics.  I find I keep going back to the tracing paper and wheel.  Only once had I experienced that the tracing markings doesn't wash off by machine so I scrubbed it off with bar soap.  I know about tailor tacking with thread but that's really tedious and I lack floor or table room.  Sorry about all this writing, but I had to collect all my thoughts. Good luck.

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Transferring markings from pattern to fabric (post #36248, reply #2 of 3)

Marke sure you are working on a hard surface.  If you can find a tracing wheel with "spikes" instead of a smooth wheel, it may work much better.

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spike vs smooth wheels (post #36248, reply #3 of 3)

actually I find both equally useful depending on the fabric content and texture.  I find that the smooth one maintains my patterns and the spike deteriorates my patterns.