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A tip to keep track of machine needles

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I've just solved a problem that has been bothering me for years--what type and size needle is in my machine at the moment?  I do lots of different kinds of sewing, and use the various times interchangeably--types for embroidery, knits, silks, etc.--and different sizes.  I could never remember which one I used last. 

Solution:  I use Schmetz needles, so I made a tiny pocket to fit the little case the needles come in.  I taped the pocket to the side of my machine.  Now, when I put a new needle in the machine, I can put the case in its pocket, to tell me later what I'm using now. 

Hope this helps someone.

Gretchen Hoad

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I mark the sections of a tomato pin cushion with size numbers , the needle in my machine gets a black glass headed pin in the corresponding section so I always know what's in the machine. and if a needle has been used a little, it goes in the size section for reuse.

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I like the NeelePack organizer and use one for the machine and the one for hand needles. And I, too, put a colored glass head pin in where the needle I'm using was stored. These cost abt $15 ea, but they're a good item to pick up at a notions sale.


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I bought about 8 mini bottles of nail polish in assorted colors, including green, blue. purple, etc.  They were only about a quarter each.  I use Schmetz needles and fold back the top of the little case and swipe the brush of nail polish across the top of the needles.  I use a different color for each type and size.  No more magnifying glass or straining the eyes!  It is simple and inexpensive and the occasional trespasser at my machine cannot mess up the system.

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a permanent marker might work too don't you think?