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Thread tensions on White Series 77 sewing machine

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Thread tensions on White Series 77 sewing machine (post #36992)

To ACCURATELY set the tensions on a White Series 77 sewing machine I have developed these "guaranteed procediures" to set the upper needle thread and lower bobbin thread tensions.

First, get an accurate tension gauge such as the "Jonard Round Tip Large Force Gauge", or the used "Haldex 0-1000 gram " Force Gauge


or on eBay at "Halda Haldex AB 0-1000 Grams" force gauge.

Use the gauge to accurately set the upper and lower thread tensions on a sewing machine.

My 1948 White Series 77 sewing machine got its tension settings all badly out of whack.

And those "tension settings" are only adjustments relative to the sewing machine itself, and are not independently verifiable tensions. .

Sewing machine tension adjustments do not measure the actual tension of the upper needle

or the lower "bobbin" thread tensions.


To properly set the tensions on a White Series 77 sewing machine, use this tension gauge and follow these steps.


1. Thread the machine normally

2. Tie a loop in the end of the upper and lower threads as the threads come out of the machine.,

3. Put one of the loops onto the Large Tip of the tension gauge.and use the gauge to pull on each thread,

4. Set the lower thread, of the bobbin, tension @  2 ounces ( 56 grams ) using the tiny little adjusting screw on the bobbin..

5. Set the upper tension @  16 ounces ( 453 grams ) with the tension adjusting dial on the front of the machine.


If needed make physical mechanical changes to the machine to get these tension settings.


I don’t know why the unequal tensions work so well. But these tension settings work perfectly. The White Series 77 machine loves to sew smoothly with 2 ounces of pressure ( 56 grams ) on the bobbin thread and 16 ounces ( 453 grams) of pressure on the needle thread..Here is a picture of the Haldex 0-1000 gram tension gauge.