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Thread Problems

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So, as you can see, my thread is extremly tangled. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! It is really frustrated and I feel like giving up!!! Im in a really bad mood, so fast answers would be much appriciated! Thanks so much in advance! 


Extra Notes:

-Using a Singer Simple

-Sewing a book cover

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Thread Problems (post #36514, reply #1 of 1)

Refer to your manual for the recommended needle size and type for the fabric you are using.

Clean the bobbin area from any lint or loose threads.

Re-thread the machine with the presser foot up.

Check the bobbin to be sure it is smoothly wound, is inserted correctly into the bobbin case.  Hold onto the tail of the bobbin thread and lift to test the bobbin tension.  The bobbin case should not drop and the thread should pull easily from the case. Adjust the tension as necessary - refer to the manual for this.

If you are using a heavy thread, you may want to test the top tension at a lower number.

When sewing thick fabric, lengthen the stitch as the thread has to travel farther to form a stitch.

If the fabric is too thick, the presser foot may be riding too high and the top tension is not closing as it should when the foot is down.

If the seams are too thick, pound them with a hammer to flatten.  Hammers are often found in the sewing room.....I have a complete toolbox of unlikely sewing room items!