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Tailor Tacks

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Hi Everyone


How do I make tailor tacks?

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How to Make Tailor's Tacks (post #36064, reply #1 of 2)

I first learn to do this by hand stitching a loop of very visible thread through the pattern and layer(s) of fabric. 

For this method, snip the markings on the pattern so the thread does not catch on the pattern.  After making the loops, gently separate the layers of fabric so the loop looks like a hinge between the layers of fabric.  Cut in the center of the hinge so both sections of the fabric retain a section of the loop.

Another method I use is a chalk pencil.  I stick a straight pin down through the tailor's tack and fabric.  Mark the top layer, then lift the fabric with the pin still in place and mark the bottom layer.

Fabric is placed RS together for marking and cutting, so your markings will be on the WS and easily seen when sewing.

Here is a great visual using both methods -

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Talor Tacks (post #36064, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks so much for your help.............the web site is great.